Saturday, February 28, 2004

Woodwork And New Lines

Today was a work day up at the Woodlot with Tim. We did a ladder that went just above the ground so that we were above a very wet ledge on the trial. However we started the day by trimming the previous section that we could not complete last week.

Today we had a visitor or two. Taylor showed up and we exchanged some ‘ideas’ about the trail. In the end he left in a bit of a huff and I was left there shaking my head. Then Cory came by and we discussed the line for some of the rock sections on the trail. When he rode down the 2nd rock section, he had a bit of contact with a tree and actually broke it, so Tim had to completely remove it with the saw.

Tim and I finished the ladder and rode out to the ladder roll down near the end of the trial. We decided to scope out the rest of the hill to decide where we are going to extend the rest of the trail (We found the Cellar Door). Some very, very interesting possible lines were found and we cannot wait until we are in the position to punch through the extension of the trial.

We then rode down the rest of the Snakes and Ladders and then Shotgun. Tim was riding in front of me on Shotgun and I was all over his back wheel (him on a full squish and me on my hardtail). It was very gratifying knowing that you can keep up to a FS on a hardtail. In the parking area, Tim and I had a beer and watched others depart on their rides. I swear I have never talked to so many people at the Woodlot before. It seemed I knew everyone that was there that day.