Saturday, February 21, 2004

Murphy's Law

Today I was up at the Woodlot with Tim. We rode from the top of Snakes and Ladders down to where we are working on the trail. Today was my first ride on my hardtail in quite a while. (I fixed my ovalized headtube with JB Weld with a little help from my friends). I had a very minor spill to start the ride down, and put a nice cut in my shin. It sure is different to be on the hardtail as compared to the full squish. Today we did the longer turning bridge that went across the last creek. Now I must say that there was something in the air today beacuse if there was something that could go wrong, it did go wrong.

Firstly we has a really hard time cutting trees for the stringers. Everything was getting hung up when we were falling the stringers. Then we had a hard time getting enough rung to do the whole bridge, then we broke a Froe that we use to split rung and finally we ran out of gas for the chainsaw so we weren’t able to finish cutting the edge of the of the bridge or trim wood properly. After we finished nailing the rung in place we just decided to ride out before something else went wrong. So we blasted down the rest of Snakes and ripped up Shotgun.

Riding on the hardtail sure forces you to be a much smoother rider.