Sunday, February 13, 2011

Legend MkII - Installation Lap

Today I took my Legend MkII for it's first ride. I must say I love the look of this bike.

The build turn out to be rather light.

A little artistic flair


My ride took me to The Woodlot. I made my way to Karpenter, Blood Donor, B-Line, Bloggy Style and finally Shotgun. Usually the first ride on a bike requires a bunch of tweaking of suspension settings and adjustments, but today I didn't touch a thing. I left all the settings on this bike the same as they were when they were on my Legend MkI and I don't really see myself adjusting anything in the near future.

The MkII rides really well. One thing I really noticed is that on roots and larger square edged hits, I just kept rolling over things and kept my momentum up. I'm not sure how he did it, but Keith made a good bike even better with this 2nd Gen Legend.

One this I should also mention is that people are starting to build again at The Woodlot. Tim is back to work on Karpenter and Lou, Eric, Garrett and ??? fixed the broken bridges on Blood Donor. Seeing this new building took this ride from good to great.

Krazy Karpenter

Blood Donor

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