Saturday, February 05, 2011

Back-up Plans

Today I met up with Ryan late late in the afternoon at The Woodlot to start work on fixing a bridge on Snakes and Ladders that was in pieces from a tree falling on it.

I brought some nails, a hammer and my chainsaw. Once we were at the bridge I went to start up my saw and on my first pull, the starter cord snapped. I let out a BIG F-Bomb!! and then thought of how we could still get some trail work done.

Ryan and I went for a walk to my stash of tools where I have my bush saw. It's a McCulloch Eager Beaver that I inherited. I hadn't started it in over 8 months and had never used it on the trail, but she started without any muss or fuss and Ryan and I were able to dismantle the broken bridge and get the necessary materials for the replacement bridge. My parents always raised me to be prepared for the unexpected and today that preparation paid off.

A before and after summary

We packed up when we ran out of light and rode down to our vehicles a mellow pace because we couldn't really see the trail. It was was nice to be able to get out on the bike, but a little sad that I had to spend the entire time doing repairs to a broken structure.

Hopefully my next ride will involve more riding than work.

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