Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada-3 USA-2

This morning I rose out of bed early and made my way to The Woodlot. I was the first person to arrive there today for a ride at about 7:45am. Being that it was the final day in the 2010 Winter Olympics I figured I would slip in an early ride so that I could catch the gold medal men's hockey game that had Canada taking on the USA.

My route today took me to the top via a climb on Stove Top and then up the skidder road. Considering how I have my Rune specd right now I found it surprisingly easy to climb on.

A bridge on Stovetop

Once at the trail head of Krazy Karpenter I started my descent down the freshened up trail. I then hit Blood Donor and then finally Giant Killer. I think I may try to spend a little time on Giant Killer some time to fix a few things.

Wide bars can get stuck!

After Giant Killer I raised my seat and went over to Snakes and Ladders for a blast down the trail and finally a super fast run of Shotgun.

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