Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Burke Classics

I was prepared for a long ride today. Extra food, water and a good riding jacket just in case it rained. I used everything I brought with me.

Today my bike took me to Burke Mountain. I parked well off the mountain along the Coquitlam River because my route today would bring me down along the Coquitlam River Trail. My climb started on the road and then it became a gravel road then a skidder road and then single track. I rode down Bean and then up to Sawblade. There is something special about Burke because these trails have been around almost since the beginning of mountain bikes and still survive today in their raw rooty original form.

The Sawblade is a hidden gem in these parts. It's off the beaten path so not everyone rides it because you need to be shown where it is. It's steep and tight and really a lot of fun to ride on nearly any bike.

After Sawblade I made my way down and over to the Coquitlam River Connector trail. This is likely the most under-rated trail I have ever ridden. It's such a sweet twisty lush trail. It certainly needs a little trail work (lots of deadfall) but it flows well and uses the terrain so well.

At the bottom of the Coquitlam River Connector trail is Crystal Falls that can be rather tricky to cross when the waters on the creek and river are high.

Crystal Falls

By the time I was at the bottom of the connector trail the skies had opened up and it was pissing down rain. So the pedal back on the river trail sucked. Apart from the rain, I had a really good ride and can't wait to explore some more of the somewhat hidden trails in the area.

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