Sunday, June 28, 2009

34.6 lb Legend Installation Lap

So my Legend has been transformed into a light weight DH machine.

34.6 lbs is its weight in full trim for DH riding. If I were to ride a super rocky course I'd change wheels to my heavier duty set-up, but as the bike sits now, I will ride MOST DH tracks in current spec.

The major recent changes to my bike have been new wheels and a Rock Shox 2010 Boxxer World Cup and a set of I-9 wheels with Stans ZTR Flow rims.

I've done many things to lighten my bike but these two parts have made the biggest overall difference that noticeably improve the ride and handling of the bike. To say I am impressed is an understatement. The instant acceleration or the ease in which the bike can be tossed around is incredible.

The trail that I always ride as the installation lap is Goldmine at The Woodlot. This trail has all the elements of a great DH oriented track. The fork is amazingly tunable and the wheels feel so damn light it is incredible. When matched to Super Tacky Maxxis Minion UST Tubeless tires, you feel like you can ride on or over anything.

I then rode Snakes and Ladders which was a hoot and stopped at one point to do a little trail work. After finishing up Snakes, I ventured left towards the powerlines to see how far the Trans Canada Trail work had gone. To my surprise, it appear complete. The road at the bottom of Snakes now links up 'easily' with the powerlines which is the new north arm of the Trans Canada Trail.

I then went up to Bloggy which is turning into a nice fast rugged line and then straight into Shotgun. I must say, light bikes sure fly easy. I found myself over shooting trannys and entering corners much hotter than normal.

I had an eye opening rip of a ride and could not be more pleased with the performance of my Legend Mk1.

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