Sunday, April 05, 2009

Playing in the woods

This morning I got out of bed with the rising sun and headed out the door with the wife and kids still sound asleep.

My ride today started at Bear Mountain in Mission. I headed to the top on my Banshee Legend with a few cameras in my pack and a body full of stoke for the ride. I experimented a little with the filming today one camera on the bike and another on my helmet. The result is the video below.

My ride at Bear was done by 10am and back at the parking lot there were a dozen or so people just getting ready to hit the trails but I was on my way to go for another ride but this time at The Woodlot.

Upon arrival at The Woodlot I saw some buddies of mine (Dave, John and their wives), so I hooked up with them for the climb. On the climb, Dave and I talked about this and that and of course bikes. Unfortunately I only had time to ride a couple of the lower trails so I split off from them early and wish them a safe ride.

I hit Bloggy Style, which I am beginning to really like and then onto Shotgun which is was a total blast. The Legend has certainly enabled me to ride a lot faster than I ever have before. Knowing I have a bike with capabilities that exceed my riding abilities allows me to push harder and ride faster with complete confidence in my equipment. I just love playing in the woods on this bike.

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