Saturday, April 18, 2009


Tim and I met early at The Woodlot today. I was on the Legend and Tim on his Six. We climbed up to the top and rode down Krazy Karpenter and discussed some building options for the trail and how we would go about the work that is needed.

After Karpenter the plan was to ride Tsuga, but we saw a sign on ground written in pine cones saying "OPEN", so we figured we would ride the 'new trail' that is now open next to Tsuga. I'm not quite sure what it is called, but it is a fun flowy fall line trail that is fresh cut and has a few gnarly rock faces as well as a big drop on it. Not really knowing the line, I had a little mishap on one of the rock faces and cut up my knuckles, but overall I had fun riding this new line. I likely won't be riding it a lot as it is a little short length wise for the climb required, but when I need a gnarly rip, it is the one to hit at The Woodlot now.

At the bottom of this new trail we ran into some familiar faces (Dave, Cory and Bryan). We chatted for a bit then Tim and I headed up Goldmine trail. Once we hit snow we ripped down the trail all the way without hesitation. I'd just had my fork worked on by James of Suspension Werx and my god what a difference he made to my Boxxer WC. PLUSH and SMOOOOOTH. The Legend feels like a rocket ship.

At the bottom of Snakes and Ladders we noticed the road was extra clear of debris on the road which was nice. It seems someone has cleaned up the road a little. So up and over to Shotgun it was and it was a game of cat and mouse all the way down with a slight pause half way down.

At the cars we met up with a bunch of people that we had ran into during the ride (Dave, Cory, Bryan and a group from Maple Ridge Cycle) and shot the shit with everyone before we left.

Tim and I had a good ride and were able to chat a lot about the trails, building and riding. Lots of new lines were explored and lots of good things are on the horizon. The desire to get out on the trails to build and ride hasn't been stronger in me for a long time. I am really looking forward to the spring and summer season.

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