Sunday, February 08, 2009

Woodlot filming on the Legend

Well this week saw me riding with the same guys as last week, but this week they decided we would do some filming.

So with that in mind we made our way to The Woodlot again and rode Snakes and ladders and Shotgun. When filming for people you tend to do a lot of repeats for different angles and additional footage. In other words you really get a workout and do a lot of riding when filming.

Brody made up a 'webisode' and it was featured as a PinkBike video of the day. Most of the riding was shot over two days where I attended for one. Overall the end product turned out pretty good.

During the day we were shooting, we saw LOTS of people on the trails because of the decent weather and the fact that the Woodlot is the only place locally where there isn't a ton of snow anymore.

Overall a great day of riding and good time filming and once again the Legend Mk1 showed me just how much fun and easy it is to go really, really fast on a bike.

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