Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow ride with Tom

Today I rode with Tom Thornton for the first time. He and I were introduced through Keith of Banshee Bikes so we hit The Woodlot for a ride and a building session.

Tom rides a Banshee Scythe and is a very solid rider, in fact I'd say he is damn fast. Most times I bring someone out for their first ride at The Woodlot I wait on the trails for them to make sure they are okay or don't get lost. Not with Tom. He was on my wheel no matter what we were riding.

We rode Upper and Lower Toadstool (covered in snow), Snakes and Ladders, Bloggy Style x2 and then Shotgun (covered in snow).

On Snakes and Ladders, we roughed in the new line around the washed away section of trail. A really good start was made on this section and it should be complete within no time at all.

I had a really good ride and it was nice meeting someone new to ride with on the trails.

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