Sunday, November 02, 2008

Strictly Trail Work

Today I came to the Woodlot to do one thing: trail work. I had a heavy pack stuffed with all the tools that I would need while at the trail. The list included: chainsaw, hammer, axe, nails, shovel and pruning loppers.

We were experiencing an absolute downpour in the area so it gave me a good chance to see where some extra drainage can be done on the trail. At one spot in particular it became clearly evident what I needed to do to fix a drainage issue on the trail.

After the day was done I had the lower part of the trail virtually dry and I now have a plan for 2 more spots that have issues. The rains are now upon us for the season and at least on this trail, things should be looking good for the winter riding season in no time at all.

Me after a very wet afternoon of building

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