Sunday, June 01, 2008

XC Shake down

So right now my Banshee Rune is set up for XC riding. I have skinny 2.1 tires, clipless pedals, 3 chain rings and smaller brake rotors on the bike.

In 2 weeks, I am participating in the 2008 Test of Metal. It's a 67km XC endurance race held in Squamish and involves a lot of climbing and in my case a lot pf saddle time. I decided that I would use today as the shakedown run for my bike to see if there are any issues that need addressing with my bike. My ride started at my house and I rode to The Woodlot (my normal stomping ground) by way of single and double track trails.

My Route shown in Google Earth

My bike is ready and dialed. Me on the other hand.....I guess we will just have to wait and see. It will be a suffer fest for sure as I have not exactly logged many consistent miles, but I am resilient and never quit.

Full spandex and clipless pedals were a bit of a throw back for me, but after a few kms it all cam back. It's amazing how easy it is to push a big 44t ring on a good pedaling bike. I'm actually looking forward to the race.

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