Sunday, June 22, 2008

Arduum Challenge - Day 2 - Race Day

Arduum Challenge, Race Day 2008.

This morning I had one more pre-run lap of the race course. I stopped in a couple spots to have a closer look at my ideal line and then I waited patiently at the bottom of the hill for my race time.

This a shot from one of the little gaps on the course on my race day pre-run. Photo by Karaleen

The race for me overall was good. Not great, just good. When you have a clean run and you give it your all, then I consider that a great run. My run was riddled with mistakes at the top of the course that loomed in my mind until a good third of the way down. After that it was smooth sailing, a bit of pedaling and a full out effort. I was left with a lot of "what ifs!" and "shoulda, coulda and wouldas".

I'm humble enough to share this with the world. A camera person was in just the right spot to see me slip out and recover on one of the many thousands of roots that litter this course. 3 Photos above by Corey Toews

My buddy Dave M caught me on the lower section of the course "PINNING IT!"

Another shot near the end of the course on a fast section before a big gap. Photo by Karaleen

In the end I came in 5th in my class with which I am happy. No injuries and 3 gorgeous women cheering for me at the finish (my mom, wife and daughter).

A few feet from the finish line. Photo by Nicole W

One really cool thing about racing close to home is seeing people that you know that are out either volunteering or racing. There were dozens of people I knew from Maple Ridge and a several that recognized me from The Woodlot. Many times I heard "you're the guy from Snakes and Ladders right?!". I should also mention that the race jersey was provided by Troy, the generous owner of Maple Ridge Cycle.

One thing I know for sure is that if the race takes place again next year, I will be sure to throw my hat in to do the race again. Many thanks to the racers, the volunteers, the race organizers, the race officials and of course the race course builders.

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