Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Beginning to the New End

Today of all days I decided to go for a ride. I had been beautiful all week.......before today. Late last night it started raining and luckily for me I picked up a new soft compound tire for the rear of my bike. Basically I am now running my winter tires on my hard tail (winter here means wet......not necessarily snow and ice).

Anyways I was in the mood to climb today. In fact if I had picked a hill with more single track climbs, I would have probably enjoyed myself a little more. Call me weird, but I was wanting to climb. BUT I was riding at The Woodlot today so I climbed up the road as I usually do and then I ripped my shorts. The front of my seat grabbed some fabric and shorts are in need of a lot of TLC. This threw a big glitch into my riding as the hole was now continuously getting hung up on my seat while climbing. The only solution was to rip off my shorts but that just wouldn't be wise, so I decided to cut my climb short and go build for a longer period on Snakes and Ladders.

Before I built anything I stopped in a really cool area of the forest and took a few shots of the open forest on a moss covered rock. The BC forests are truly spectacular places to explore and enjoy your pursuits in life.

As far as the building went, well we are really close to opening up this line now. REALLY close. Tim decided that he would kind of reroute the beginning of the new line to gain access to the existing line at a different spot. I'd looked at that spot before but never really thought much of it and just thought we would take a different line. HOWEVER after Tim cleared the debris off the line I saw the vision of this line. So I got out the pick and started digging down to gold dirt. It took a while and a lot of effort, but the new part is going to be 100% gold AND there will likely be a sweet technical drop in line when we are all said and done.

After building I packed up and rode out. Not a single sole came down the line. It was far too wet for most people today.

Shotgun was alright even in the pouring rain. At my truck I thought I'd snap a shot of my trusty steed. I must say that my bike looks far cleaner than I thought it would after riding in all the mud. I guess it was raining so hard that most of the mud got washed off.

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