Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mission Accomplished

I had a couple things I really wanted to get done today. 1.) To have a look at a trail that is not suppose to exist. 2.) To build on Snakes and Ladders. I wanted to get the 'difficult' corner complete.

My ride started a little late for me; 9:30am. At the parking area there were 2 other trucks already there......grrrr, I was not the first on the hill. I was full of energy today so the climb up was easy as pie. I noticed there were allot of tracks coming out of the newer line that goes from Upper Toadstool and spits you out at Shotgun. I guess it is time for me to find out the name of this line.

I didn't want to waste any time at all so I rode up to Quick Hit to have a look and make sure she is in good shape. Besides the big trees across the trail, it is in fine shape. I then made my way to another mystery trail. It seems some Trolls started a trail that is not suppose to exist. From looking at it you can tell that they were looking for log rides and any feature that presented itself, but allot of important trail building issues were over looked. The ladder in the picture below will be so slippy in a few months due to wood selected for the rung that it would end up being a dry weather trail only. I am not sure as to what is going to happen to this trail. Not sure at all. I guess I will need to find out if others have dealt with the builder already.

Anyhow, I made my way back over the mountain to Snakes and Ladders. At the building section I took a few before shots and go to work filling the framing of the corner that Tim did last week with rock and dirt. Buckets and buckets of rock and dirt. The corner is 95% complete. I am really happy with it. I rode it and it flows, in fact it is far better than I expected. We are soooo close now I can smell it.

While working 9 riders came down Snakes in the course of a half hour. It gave me a good opportunity to have a snack and take a break. Once my couple of hours were up, I pushed up to the start of the new line and rode it in its entirety. I am happy with everything we have done to this point. I then rode out to the bottom and rode over to Shotgun. I met up with Experience Cycling's final group ride for the season and rolled by them pausing to say hi to Rob.

At the parking area it was extremely busy with cars and trucks everywhere. I said hi to a few people I know then loaded up and drove home knowing that I had done what I set out to do today; to have a look for some Trolls and work on the 'difficult' corner.

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