Monday, August 06, 2007

Holiday In The Hills.

Ah yes, The Woodlot.....on a long weekend with a couple riding buddies that I have not ridden with in a while.

Rob picked me up at 6:00 a.m. and we mt Dave at the parking area of The Woodlot. Robs Heckler was back in his hands so he was a happy camper smiling from ear to ear. We really did not have any idea what we were going to ride all. Our conversations on the way up were of the regular guy talk and.......facebook??!

At the power-lines it was decided by Rob that we would hit GOLD, none of us had ridden Gold in at least a year. I paused for a moment and took the picture shown below at the top of the climb. It was a sweet view looking to the east just after the sun had risen.

The spectacular view.

Dave and Rob finishing the climb under the power-lines.

So once we were on Gold we cautiously rolled down the trail looking for things that were safe or at least still open for us to ride. (Gold has been kinda closed for about 2 maintenance has been done on this old beauty).

Lots of lines were closed but then again there was still a good portion of the trail that was still open. Rob and I rode the famed sky bridge and the skinny section at the end was still running well.

Blood Donor was next on the agenda and it was in fabulous shape. Dave took a little spill on the bottom jump but today it was totally agreeing with me and I hit the jump several times for a little photo action.

On to Giant Killer it was and for the most part the trail has changed. A lot of woodwork was removed or broken over the last few months and the trail just did not feel the same or have its old character.

We then traversed over to Snakes and Ladders....past the rotting pigs in the forest.......Rob and I had an impromptu match sprint up to the beginning of Quick was a tie.

Snakes was wicked. Nothing but grins n giggles all around and quick rip down the 'new line'. Everyone seemed pleased and I really can't wait to finish it, get it 'open to the masses'.

Shotgun was running really fast. Overall the trails today were wickedly fast and grippy. We really could not have had better conditions.

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