Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quick Ride, Building Flow

Today was a quick ride in the early afternoon. It had been raining over night but at 1:00pm when I arrived at The Woodlot, it was overcast, but no rain was falling at all. Basically I rode up to Snakes and Ladders, built on the new extension for forty five minutes then rode out on Shotgun. On the ride up I passed a couple guys with dogs that were pushing some big bikes up to Snakes. They were on their second lap and were having a good time on their bikes.

I fixed a couple pieces of missing rung on the last ladder section on the trail. It seems as though a few pieces of rung cracked and there were a few gaps that needed some attention. A few nails and the folding saw made quick work of the ladder.

The new extension is so flowy. So far once you are rolling it is all pumping and not even any braking needed. The section I have worked on is really only roughed in and needs to get buffed, but it is really coming along well. Right now I am really enjoying building, especially a basically natural line that flows.

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