Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Today was an early evening shuttle on Seymour with Rob. The goal, to ride elusive and famous epic trails on Seymour Mountain.

We were a little behind schedule leaving but once at the top we had loads of time to ride the trails we had on our itinerary. It had rained the night before and was overcast earlier int he day, but by the time we were riding, it was warm and the weather was sweet. At the top when we were unloading our bikes the black flies were un-freaking-believable.

Due to the covert location of one of the trails we rode, I am going to comment on each but not exactly in the order in which they were ridden so as to keep the location of the said trail concealed. ;-)

Cambodia - After about an hour of searching and using the option of phoning a friend or two, Rob and I were finally able to find this gem of a trail. WOW......it has everything on it. Steeps, rocks, gaps, drops, wood, loam, single track...you name it. I loved it. Not a trail I will ride every time I hit Seymour, but it was a hoot.

CBC - ........well what more can I say about this trail that has not already been said. Utter sweetness and an absolute classic.

TNT - This was the first time I had ridden TNT, interesting little gem of a trail. I will definitely ride that again soon.

Dirty Diapers - another interesting trail. Nothing too hard, but it sure was fun in parts.

Bottletop - not a bad rip at all. Fast and fun.

So over all the ride of Seymour today was a long epic ride that took me to several trails that I had never ridden before but opened up my eyes to a whole other side or Seymour.

I cannot wait to ride Seymour again and hopefully ride some other trails that are new to my tires.

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