Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Gap

Today it was an after work ride with Tim at the Woodlot. Our plan: work on the new section as much as possible. If time permitted frame in the gap jump over the trail.

So we arrived near 5pm and headed up to Snakes and Ladders to put in some more time on the new jump section on Snakes. The long swooping berm that we built was to be used as the run up to a jump that we have wanted to put in since we started this new section. The whole section hinged around this jump. We hammered out the approach line and determined where the jump should go in order to gap over the trail and hit the transition on the other side. When we first started I only thought we were going to frame in the jump, but as we progressed I said to Tim, "There is no way we are going to get this finished tonight." He then said, "No problem, we will finish this, and hit it a couple times before we leave tonight."

So as a precaution I made sure that the easy line around the right of the jump was clear and we set to work on finishing this jump. We gathered rock and piled them in and then the dirt and tamped it down and more dirt and tamping and more dirt and tamping and before long we were done. The light by this time was almost gone, but we just had to hit it. I was first to hit it and man was she ever smooth. The berm leading into it is perfect. No effort at all. Tim was smart and brought a light with him....I think he knew that we were going to be late. He hit the jump a couple times and I managed to snap of a picture or two....not great quality but at least I got a picture.

We then headed down the rest of the trail, Tim at a good speed and me at a snails pace due to the lack of light. Over to Shotgun and down to the cars.

It turned out to be a really productive night with a great new little gap jump over the trail being built.