Wednesday, April 20, 2005

3 Rippers

Today's ride was an after work ride with Rob and Tim at the Woodlot. Given the amount of light we have into the evening we are able to get in a really good ride well into the evening.

The game plan was to meet Rob and Tim at Snakes and Ladders where they were working on the newer jump section on the trail. I met up with Jamie in the parking lot area so we climbed the hill together and chatted about this and that. Once I made it to the vicinity of Rob and Tim I split off from Jamie and made my way down to my buddies.

Tim and Rob were working hard doing dirt work on the new section and man did it ever look good. Tim had recently spent allot of time on the trail and the two of them were really dialing the section in today. We all chatted for a minute or two then we hopped on our bike and headed up the hill for a ride. The route chosen today was Krazy Karpenter, Blood Donor, Snakes and Ladders and Shotgun. I finally hit the first drop at the top of Karpenter. It was a little harsh but it was one that I finally hit after riding past it for 2 years. We made our way over the Blood Donor where we sessioned the big gap several times. I have not yet mastered the hip but the 2 times I hit the gap I made the distance clean however hipping the line would make the exit much cleaner.

After Blood Donor it was over to Snakes and Ladders where the 3 of us ripped the trail from top to bottom. It is so much fun to ride a trail that you know really, really well. We then traversed over to Shotgun and races down that trail as well in near darkness. We all had a laugh at the bottom packed up and headed home.