Friday, October 01, 2010

Two Flats

What was suppose to be a quick ride turned out to be a massive PITA. I ventured out to The Woodlot on my Rune with some tubeless Bontrager tires. In the past they have been really good to me when ran tubeless.

I pedaled up to and down Tsuga and then made my way down Snakes and Ladders. I proceeded to hit a little jump on Snakes that I've hit many, many times. This time however I got a flat due to a puncture of the tire which spewed tubeless sealant all over the trail. I think it is karma getting back at me for chuckling at Tim when he got a flat on the same jump a while back.

I threw in my spare tube and continued on down the trail. Near the bottom of the trail I could feel the rear end of my bike getting loose and I knew I was getting another flat. It was cold, raining and I was out of time for what was suppose to be a quick ride.

I said F-it and just rode out on the flat tire. I had been planning of replacing the rim and tire for some time so I just rode on the metal.

I wasn't a happy camper by the time I got to my car but any ride is better than no ride at all.

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