Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lonely Ride

So today I hit the Woodlot solo on the Heckler. I had been playing with the suspension a little bit since I last rode it so this was a bit of an experimental ride. I also changed the tires on it from Michelin Comp 16's to Botranger Big Earls. Lately the weather has been kinda blah. It rained a little overnight so things were damp, but the weather during the ride was nice; partly cloudy.

I headed up and made an effort to pedal virtually the whole way. In the spots where is it truly a PITA to pedal I pushed at a hard pace not stopping at all on the climb. I have done nothing active since my last ride at The Woodlot, so I was seeing if I could maintain a good a pace and keep the heart rate up. I decided my route was Cabin Trail, Snakes and Ladders, Hoots and Shotgun. On the way up to Cabin trail along the flatter traverse part of the climb I ran into a group of 4 riders and a dog. For two of the guys it was their first ride at The Woodlot so I welcomed them and set their minds at ease that the route they had chosen was the best route to introduce yourself to The Woodlot (Cabin, Snakes, Hoots, Shotgun).

At the trail head we geared up and I wished them well and rode on my own on the way down. I must say that the changes I made to my bike and the tires made a good bike spectacular. I have never felt my bike feel so smooth on the trails before. I was impressed.

At Snakes and Ladders I rode the trail looking for any trouble spots but for the most part there were none. Near the Boa Bridge on the trail I met up with a group of 6 people that were having a hoot sessioning the jumps and doing the teeter totter. I smiled inside as I rolled by.

I had sort of intended to spend some time extending the line we were working on, but we are at a point where I would very easily been spotted if I was to do work with people on the trail so I decided to just ride the new line, inspect it (looks great) and ride on.

Hoots was fun. The open section in the clearcut in getting beaten to death, but that it what happens to popular trails; the get ridden hard.

Up to Shotgun where things on the bike felt great. I caught up to the group of 6 people who I saw on Shakes and Ladders, so when I rolled up to them, they let me pass. Down to the vehicle and off home.

A good number of my rides lately have been solo spins. Not ideal, but at least I get the joy of riding my bike in the forest and mountains.

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