Thursday, April 01, 2004

Additional Pruning

I was back to finish my pruning job that I did not finish yesterday. With all the overgrowing bushes, I figured it was time to cut things back on the edges of the exit of the trail before things got too overgrown. I rode up on the hardtail again with the pruning shears and cut away until I was done. I saw a group of 4 people ride by while I was in the bush discarding of the cuttings. I guess they thought was a little weird........a guy in the bush with pruning shears on a bike. Oh well.

So it was a few minutes since the group had passed by and I was finished so I decided to pack up and jet off down the hill. Surprisingly I caught up to this group on Shotgun quite quickly. It was kind of fun chasing a group down that had a lead on me down the trail and it was even more satisfying when I realized that the guy right in front of me was on a Demo 9 and I was all over him on my HT. I know it is petty, but I did have a reasonable amount of satisfaction knowing that I caught a guy on my HT when he was riding one of the sweetest bikes on the market today.