Saturday, January 24, 2004

New Building Buds

Today was a very interesting building and short ride day. I hooked up with 2 guys, Tim and Dave and we headed up to Snakes and Ladders to do some desperately needed work on the trail. Tim brought up a chainsaw and I bought up 15lbs of nails. As we were in the parking area, it was only lightly raining but as we got about half way to our destination, we started to see the occasional snowflake along with larger raindrops. So when we got to top of the trail, we dumped our bikes and went for a walk down to where the building would begin. We really wanted to just replace a very dangerous rickety old bridge. So we found a good place to get rung and Tim started bucking a log. Dave and I went and got the rest of the tools and bikes and we were on our way building. Once the log was bucked for the rung Dave started splitting the rung and Tim and I got the stringers needed and then we dismantled the old bridge.

Once all the rung was split Dave went to work on a much needed berm up the trail from the bridge area. All the time the snow was falling heavier and heavier. Tim and I kept busy on getting the rung on the bridge and the entrance and exit off the bridge. Half way through the construction we were visited by Ewan and Jamie with 2 dogs. They stopped for a moment and then continued on their way.

After Dave had finished work on the berm, Tim showed him the perfect spot for a jump that lined up right after the bridge. So as Dave went to work on the jump, Tim and I finished the bridge and a bit of drainage in the area. By the time we were done, everything was covered in 4 inches of snow and we were bagged.

After we stashed the tools we went up the trail to do the berm, across the new bridge and launch the new jump. I usually don’t try jumps, I am what I call ‘Aeronautically Challenged’, but I figured what the hell right!? So I did the new jump and man was she sweet.

Tim Riding out from Snakes and Ladders

We just rode out the rest of the trail which was now covered in snow and had a fast blast down Shotgun down to the cars. I had brought a few beers so we packed the cars and had a beer in the parking lot. It was the very first time I had met these two guys and we all got along really well. It was a pleasure meeting, building and riding with them and I hope that this new partnership continues.