Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Ride with the Wife

Today I took a half day at work and my wife and I headed up the Woodlot. She decided that she would walk/hike and I would bike up. I walked with her the whole way up and being a nice sunny day in February we enjoyed the whole 'being in nature together' thing. When you get to the clearcut area where you get a view of Baker, we stopped and took a picture of the view.

I decided to keep going up to Toadstool and she just walked down to the car. The ride up was alright but the ground was frozen in parts as it was clear out at night and pretty chilly. Lower Toadstool isn't such a bad single track trail as it has stood up to the winter riding quite well. So at the bottom of that, I turned right and hit Hoots. After Hoots I thought to myself that it really wasn't worth going up to Shotgun as that trail is getting torn up with all the wet weather riding, so I just went down the 'trail up'. I have never gone down this and I can't really recommend it as it is pretty boring. As I was packing up the car, a guy arrived in a truck with a brand new Kona Stab and big smile on his face. You remember that smile...............when you just got you new bike and taking it out for the first ride.
Keep on smilin everyone.